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> > Specifically, if
> > you have your music on, please send me the appropriate URL for
> > music as well as the chosen song (or two) for use on the cd.
> > if you have your music in non-Mp3 format, I have wav. and other
> > software.
> Can you convert MIDI to wav? I've got a couple of pieces from my synth
> contribute. I can't seem to do the conversion on my little notebook in
> few attempts I've made and building my supercomputer AV workstation is a
> project for later this year :0
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A midi file is a highish level description of some music, a bit like sheet
music; a wav is a very low level recording. To convert, you are really
converting midi+your synthesiser -> wav.

This means you need to play your midi file through your synth (the basic one
built into your notebook?), and record it to a wav. A good cheap program for
this on PC is CoolEdit2000, at .

Actually, I've only used CoolEdit96, available here... . I think it's free, and it
does everything you'll need. You'll need to fiddle a bit, but you'll
probably enjoy the process, it's pretty fun!

Unfortunately, CoolEdit96 is crippleware; you are asked to choose a subset
of the functionality when you start it; if you need to use other functions,
you have to close & reopen it. It's still quite usable, and has no time

To fix this you need to enter a registration code. You need to pay for it to
get one. Typing "CoolEdit96 Serialz" into google would be quite an unethical
way to get the full version for free, so I cannot recommend it.

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