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Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 23:32:03 MST

Greg Burch wrote:

>Can you convert MIDI to wav? I've got a couple of pieces from my synth I'd
>contribute. I can't seem to do the conversion on my little notebook in the
>few attempts I've made and building my supercomputer AV workstation is a
>project for later this year :0

Though Emlyn addressed most of this in an earlier message, it might help me
to know what kind of keyboard you have. The worst case scenario would be to
have you send me a copy of the .mid file and have me manually convert the
sounds to similar instrumentation via my synth (I will be upgrading to a
Korg Trinity shortly). The easiest way, though, is to essentially have two
programs open at the same time: the .mid file program (such as Cubase, the
one I use) as well as an .mp3 or .wav recorder, and having the latter record
the former real-time via a line-in through your sound card (the best
non-professional sound cards seem to be any of the SoundBlaster "Live"
variety). It is easy enough to translate .wav to .mp3 --standard practice,
in fact.

Also (and my apologies to the list for diluting the signal here), let me
know what the extent of your current set-up is; software, hardware etc. I
may be able to give you some hints and tips (or vice versa!).


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