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> Congress Adds 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' Amendment To Bankruptcy Bill

I took the following paragraph:

U.S. Department of Agriculture agents seized one of two flocks
of dairy sheep suspected of having an ailment related to mad
cow disease, one of the shepherds told Reuters on Wednesday.
``I'm very unhappy about it,'' said Houghton Freeman, one of the
shepherds speaking by phone from his large and remote farm in
Greensboro, Vt. The farm was surrounded early Wednesday
morning by police cars and men wearing bullet proof vests who
herded Freeman's 233 sheep into trucks that would take them
to Iowa to be slaughtered and then tested.

I used one of the online translation sites to go from English
to French to German to English. I got this:

The Ministry Of Agriculture STAATEN unites the officials of dairy
sheep suspected by two tapes entered to have an evil which is
connected with the moved cow illness, one of of the so-called hirten
Reuters Wednesday `` is I regarding it from Houghton through ' '
Freeman of one of the hirten, who speak Vt the farm by telephone about
its large and are at fixed distance at Greensboro very unfortunate,
Wednesday mornings early surrounded by motor vehicles and police men,
who carry the west of the ball proof, those lived 233 sheep of Freeman
in the trucks, which would take to be examined it in Iowa the one
which can be torn off and then in troop.

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