Re: Transparent Society

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 19:52:00 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
> >From: "Waldemar Ingdahl" <>
> >
> >Ahem, as a Swede I don't think that you would like to come to Sweden;-)
> >Sweden has some quite bizarre laws about surveillance too... We're not in
> >league with the UK yet, but the trend is definitely not a positive one.
> >Overall, since I have visited and resided in the US some times I generally
> >think that personal freedom is more respected in many parts the US than in
> >Sweden.
> >
> >Just clarifying:-)
> Surveillance doesn't bother me. It's Orwellian dystopias I'd rather do
> without. For the record, I don't believe the US is nearly as sinister as,
> say, Michael Lorrey does. But if it were, I'd be heading for the hills
> (whether the hills of Sweden or not, I don't know).

The hills of New Hampshire are quite fine, thanks.

> The fact that the US is one of the biggest emigre destinations on the
> planet, I think, says a lot about who (as between Lorrey and me) is more
> right about the nature of the US. But, hey, in a debate as emotionally
> charged as this one, who needs to be bogged down with something like factual
> reality? :)

Yeah, I mean, all those people executed who were later proved innocent
are no big deal so long is one of them isn't Zero Powers, right? Heck,
the feds don't even need a reason to burn your house down now, it seems,
they are even doing it to their own people in Los Alamos now, I hear. Of
course, they work on nuclear weapons, so they must deserve it more than
the average person. In a country where 'dynamic entry' is now getting to
be the most popular way for the feds to serve a warrant, you'd think
Zero would start getting a clue, but so long as it isn't happening to
him, it seems to be ok, hunky-dory, peachy keen. Now that the Department
of Defense has deployed 50 man anti-terror units to every state in the
country, who operate outside the authority of the governor and sherriffs
of those states (they are under command of the DOD), then the Posse
Commitatus Act is pretty much gutted without a congressional debate,
huh? Apparently secret Presidential Decrees carry more weight than
legislation by our elected representatives? When such Executive Orders
become the law of the land, you are, in fact, living in a dictatorship.
You may not like it, you may try to deny it, but it is still true.

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