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Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 19:13:40 MDT

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> The fact that the US is one of the biggest emigre destinations on the
> planet, I think, says a lot about who (as between Lorrey and me) is more
> right about the nature of the US. But, hey, in a debate as emotionally
> charged as this one, who needs to be bogged down with something like
> reality? :)

    I think Mike has a heathly dose of paranioa, which is fine. As a UK
citizen looking to emigrate to the US I can say that personal freedom doesn't
really come into the equation. Here I am under almost constant survaillance.
When I drive to work there are cameras that can read my number plate and
store it, at work I am monitored by security cameras and likewise when I pick
up some shopping on the way home. my government monitors any e-mail I send
and my calls at work taped.
    I don't feel in the least comprimised or feel my civil rights have been
infringed. This probably reflects the gradual introduction that has taken
place here, which has been heavily publicized in a positive light.
    If anything, I am worried by the higher rate of crime in the US and would
feel safer if the level of survaillance was as great there as here. It looks
like the British Government has done a very good spin job on this subject as
it isn't an issue that the public are concerned about.


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