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> > Are you saying there already are autostabilized helicopters?
> I am. The model has four horizontal propellers. The guy claimed
> there was a piezoelectric gyro within which fed additional power
> to the appropriate propeller to keep the rig stable. His controls
> were simple enough and he flew it around briefly. My neighbor
> has one like it, so it is evidently a kit of some sort. I cant find
> a site that describes that rig, but here are a couple of interesting
> sites for electric helicopter fans. The first one shows an electric
> helicopter dropping a sugar cube into a cup of tea. {8-]
> This is how I know the singularity is coming: we have so
> damn much idle technology and money, we are doing silliness
> like this with it. {8^D spike

Thanks for the links, Spike. These are, to use your phrase, wicked cool.
Things have indeed progressed very far in the decade since I used to spend
time at the RC field (to give you a clue, the transmitters on the wall
beneath the sailplanes that hang from the ceiling in my study are analog!).

I can easily see a practical, relatively inexpensive electric helicopter
surveillance platform that could be operated by even an inexperienced pilot
being developed by 2005. Problem I foresee are 1) such a light-weight craft's
buffeting by even minor turbulence, 2) its short range and 3) the risk of
injury from the rotor blades if the air becomes filled with such little

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