Re: Mass Drivers and Where do cool people go?

Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 22:24:02 MDT

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<< Now, I believe that Dr. O'Neill and Jonah Garbus are deceased.
 And we all know where Eric Drexler is. Where oh where did
 the other folks go?
 And for those of you who are really hot on the Cheap Access
 to Space race, there is The MIT Rocket Team:
 Robert >>
<<Where oh where did the other folks go?>>
Ah! The most fervently ignored area of interest under Extropian concerns or
TransHuman concerns. Most peeps here on the list seem to be convinced that
they will live for 10,000 years; if not forever. To me its the analog of a
trapeze acrobat working without a net; courageous but an extra hazard! So
when will those who are qualified, academically, to publish papers come up
with some plausible solutions for this 'situation'? Or are we leaving it up
to Herr God?

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