skycam fans

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 18:34:33 MDT

I checked out the model plane club that meets at the Moffett
Field blimp hangar yesterday to see how far they were from
having the ability to violate our privacy rights.

Answer: close.

A couple of developments: they have autostabilized four
prop electric helicopters which have the payload capacity
to carry a small transmitting camera. Next, they have small
transmitting cameras. For only 80 bucks! See,../1index4307.htm?>th011

I ordered one, just to see how good they are. They
suggested carrying it aloft using a balloon assist. One
of the guys there had a hydrogen balloon, which I had
never seen. It has slightly more lift than a comparable
helium balloon, but not a great difference. A hydrogen
or helium balloon with a radio controlled motor would be
quite adequate for camera carrying.

Turns out Air Force 2 was there at Moffett. That guy thats
running for president was campaigning in the neighborhood.
Also the one who is currently president was inbound so he
could hug some redwoods or something and so we decided
to vacate. Cool stuff there anyway. spike

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