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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 09:52:50 MDT

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<< Flying is fine...but how about down and dirty? I want to "teleoperate" a
 pursuit to chase down a Texas JackRabbit..
    I did that personally in my younger (and much dumber) days. I'd chase
 jackrabbits via motorcycle pursuit....those suckers can maintain 40mph for a
 short distance.....and then veer off in a random direction with no warning...
  Evmick >>

Thanks, Evmick,
    I had forgotten the Jackrabbits; after all we are talking flight school
in Corpus Christi in the mid 50s.
    Even in those days Navy pilots and student pilots were thoroughly
indoctrinated with the need to do our aerobic jogging. This was right after
the Korean War and the Navy was advising us that if we went down behind enemy
lines, wanting to live, our smartest move was to throw our pistol as far as
we could and trust to being able to run like a big bottomed ape. But jogging
gets dull.
    Between our Cadet BOQ and the Cadet Mess was a large field with short
grass and tall eared jackrabbits. To fulfill our mental commitment to jog we
would go chase jackrabbits. The final score was: jackrabbits, one hundred
and eleventy eleven; Cadets, zero.

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