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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 09:38:57 MDT

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<< Many were the hours I spent chasing hawks from one thermal to
 another, which is one of the truly coolest things to do in the world. The
 little whirring sounds of the control surface servos interest the big
 raptors and I've spent hours gently playing with them in their own
 environment, the great warm ocean of air above the coastal Texas prairie.)
    In Navy flight school we were taught to use a survival mirror for
signaling. If you look thru the X in the center of the mirror you can learn
to see where the mirror's reflection is directed. The group of us used to
spend long minutes in the breaks between classes mildly annoying the Sea
Gulls by reflecting the sun light into their eyes.
    That might be slightly cruel but it made the area easier to clean. And,
we needed the practice. :)

Ron Harrison.

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