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<< actually do the same kind of genre hopping quite seamlessly, so I know
 what you mean. In fact, people who are used to me as one easily
 identified group often show quite a bit of surprise when they see me in
 one of my other natural guises. >>

    Robert Heinlein in his story GULF (See Assignment in Eternity, a short
story collection) made a statement to the effect that folks like us make our
own rules. Stereotypes are boring.
    I was raised on a raggedy pants cotton farm and still have many of those
types of tastes; but went on to graduate a couple of good universities, fly
and some other stuff.
    I remember one boss that said to me, "Harrison, you don't talk like any
one that could have graduated ___________." (Why give the school a bad
    I have cherished that remark because my boss put his finger right on the
one thing I liked most about that University: my professors didn't talk or
act like anyone from that University either; but, they were very high
performance. <G>
    Now to change the subject swiftly: I have seen various comments you have
made about diet and exercise. I believe you were showing interest in life
extension and health improvement. Have you looked at the work of Ronald M.
Klatz, MD with HGH? He is on line and has a book called HGH, I believe. In
addition I saw some ads in MD that implied you could reconstruct his program
for yourself at a much lower cost. I decided to not pursue his program at
this time. The second program that I thought might interest you is the REAL
AGE program. Both of these have pages on line.

    As an old sailor I can't help but pick at a Marine. So let me proceed;
in the 1950s I was in a Navy program in which our entire basic training,
except classroom training, was under the direct control and direction of
Marines. I had a Marine DI, Sargeant Long, just as you did. Can you name
the program? And no, we were not being punished.

Ron Harrison

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