inspirational jingles for young people

From: john grigg (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 13:05:41 MDT

Spike wrote:
Roger that big time. Here in Taxifornia they make the kids recite an add-on
jingle. I dont recall it exactly, but it is something like:I will give up
put downs, seek out wise people, try to right wrongs, yakkity yak, bla bla,
something something. Anyone know that jingle?

There was an article about it in the Anchorage News that had the exact
words, but I can't recall them now. You have gotten the main drift of it,
anyway. Personally, I like what they have added. But will it really do any

My friends and I like to say this to eachother "always use your powers for
good and never evil!" We may have read too many comic books in our youth,
but we just don't get tired of this phrase.

best wishes,

John :)
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