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Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 15:25:44 MDT

In a message dated 4/21/00 10:35:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
writes: "Me too. Most people aren't even aware that I used to be in the
 nevermind that I have a whole "redneck" way of life that I support. Since
people are much more likely to see me patronizing trendy, upscale
cosmopolitan establishments in various locales, they have are very hard time
imagining me bouncing through the mountains like a hillbilly or surveying the
range on horseback."

    This is mainly directed at James Rogers and Al Villalobos but others are
invited to join in.
    You see I have one of those areas of interests that don't fit the mundane
pattern also and it occurs to me that this is the place to look for some
advice and that you are the two to start with.
    I am a small part Cherokee. I was doing some reading of Tom Brown, Jr.
and realized that if an old time Indian walked into a forest with a modern
steel knife and nothing else he would be technologically advantaged.
    I own a good folding hunting knife and after studying the situation for a
while I realised that I seriously lack one thing that Indian would need.
Sitting aside my lack of practice of my skills; I have no idea what kind of
vegetation they used to tie things together. The rawhide I know about but
the vegetation completely stops me.
    Also setting aside those funny weeds that would get me arrested do any of
you know what those Indians used for twine?
    Some one said they took any sort of tall weed that was handy, stripped it
and used it. Is this true?
Thank you
Ron Harrison

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