Re: subtle effects of long term exposures on longevity?

Aliya Belgibayeva (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 11:52:58 PST

That is simply amazing...

>What is the long term effect if any of rubbing cleansers (soap) on your
>skin. Is there subtle penetration past the skin barrier? If so, does
>body react defensively? Does the continual, daily reduction of oils and
>changing of Ph levels cause the body to go on a long term homeostatis
>maintaining sojourn that over time causes difficult to identify
systemic, ie
>autoimmune effects?

Well, haven't you ever thought that your organism is a wisely 'constructed' structure which can adjust to many things, and that those cleansers are no more harmful to your skin than the air that you breath in every second? (especially, since you live in an urban area, presumably)
Honestly, I am inclined to think that if you would put an organism into an absolutely sterile (which is impossible) area, this poor organism would have died. In order to maintain the immune system of any organism in order, this organism needs to be exposed to some kind of attack... let it be soap...ha-ha

>I think cran is an example of the above. By practicing CRAN, I have
>eliminated many ills and pains of my body due to purely Biomechanical
> my upper - inner thighs no longer rub together
whenever I
>walk...thus, my stride is straighter, thus, I am not over-rotating my
>joints extremities, and am not overpronating my feet to counteract the
>of extra weight. Thus I have less pain, feel better, and love life

Congratulations! Now, what do you want?

Apart from the ascetic ideal, man, the animal-man, would have had no significance

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