subtle effects of long term exposures on longevity?

david gobel (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 13:24:48 -0800


Have any of you seen research on the long term effects of exposure to ubiquitous environmental factors on longevity?

For instance,

What is the long term effect if any of rubbing cleansers (soap) on your skin. Is there subtle penetration past the skin barrier? If so, does the body react defensively? Does the continual, daily reduction of oils and changing of Ph levels cause the body to go on a long term homeostatis maintaining sojourn that over time causes difficult to identify systemic, ie autoimmune effects? To test my question, I have been avoiding the use of soap while showering. Since I'm a gold collar worker, there is no grime in this. I know, I know - you're all glad email is non-olfactory ;-) But truthfully I have not "sensed" any actual difference in odor, cleanliness or other well being issues, nor have folks been avoiding me that I can detect. I have been changing clothes more frequently as a social precaution. Test has been proceeding for one week.

What if any is the long term effect of detergent residues and dry cleaning chemical residues on clothing?

What is the long term effect of sleeping on billions of dust mites and inhaling their feces on our autoimmune systems? Does a continual battle with these allergens eventually cause early flame out of immune production systems due to limits (ie Hayflick)? Does the immune regulatory system get tired of the whole thing, and decide the simplest way to fix the problem is to stop fighting the allergen, and self destruct?

Has anyone ever done a test for dust mite and mite allergen concentrations in human clothing? other parasites?

Much of the commentary and conjecture of the list, and my own areas of interest have been related to nutrition, and genetic/endochrin interventions. However, perhaps some of these proactive efforts are necessitated because of lifelong, habituations which have outlived their usefulness - which if identified, and modified/replaced/eliminated might provide elimination of causes.

I think cran is an example of the above. By practicing CRAN, I have eliminated many ills and pains of my body due to purely Biomechanical my upper - inner thighs no longer rub together whenever I walk...thus, my stride is straighter, thus, I am not over-rotating my lower joints extremities, and am not overpronating my feet to counteract the shock of extra weight. Thus I have less pain, feel better, and love life more.

Dave Gobel