Re: subtle effects of long term exposures on longevity?

Anders Sandberg (
26 Jan 1999 23:36:28 +0100

"Aliya Belgibayeva" <> writes:

> Honestly, I am inclined to think that if you would put an organism into
> an absolutely sterile (which is impossible) area, this poor organism
> would have died.

I think this is wrong. I seem to recall that surgical maggots are bred under sterile conditions, and naked mice require sterile surroundings since they lack immune systems (well, only the T part, but anyway...).

> In order to maintain the immune system of any organism
> in order, this organism needs to be exposed to some kind of attack...
> let it be soap...ha-ha

It is not unreasonable to think that it is good to give the immune system stimuli; one theory of the rise of allergies in Scandinavia is that we have too few cases of parasites, making the mast cells hypersensitive and causing allergies (the underutilized cells simply start to hunt random antigens). This theory is not well supported, though.

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