Re: Major Technologies

Spike Jones (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 19:16:00 -0800

> - spike wrote
> >if successful, this revenous simpleton would be dangerous as
> >hell but incapable of crossing interstellar space. spike
> Samael wrote: Except that microscopic particles have travlled from Earth to
> Mars and visa versa. Dust is freuently thrown out of earths gravity well by
> meteor strieks
> (frequently on a geological time scale).

of course, interstellar space is about 5 orders of magintude larger than interplanetary space. i need to do the calcs, but intuition tells me a meteor could not punch material out of the sun's gravity well, and even if so, the simple relicator would not survive the jillions of years of wandering thru i.s. space. guess that would explain why we have never had one fall on this planet.

a grey-gooed double star might be able to goo its neighbor perhaps. spike