Re: rutans roton, again

Spike Jones (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 21:06:55 -0800

Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

> I've also seen some good performance from some amateur projects which are
> using a peroxide(90%)/tar type solid/liquid hybrid fuel system.

depends on who you ask. looks to me like the solid/liquid hybrid combines the worst of both worlds.

> solid fuel is dense, while the high concentrate peroxide is extremely
> reactive...

yes, michael, it is. extreeeemely reactive. {8-[ the temptation is to use almost 100% H2O2, and then they discover how reactive it is.

> I know that Pioneer was looking at a 95% peroxide/JP-4 system earlier. Now
> they are drifting toward a more conventional oxygen/kerosene system.

there are some huge advantages in this. im hoping my own version can make it with both stages using lox and methane. spike