Re: Time for a jump in quality?

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Sun, 29 Mar 1998 09:52:05 +0000

Good point Anders. I was wondering about this very issue months ago. I
would hope that the number of emails would slow down a bit too if there
weren't so many tangents being explored here..

There are so many intelligent people on this list who are fascinated by
what others on the list think about a wide variety of topics and it
becomes very easy to slip away into socio/political issues which might not
directly relate to posthumanism.

Sorry if I contaminated the stream. (-;

I am working on a posthuman project right now. Its a conceptual animation
in a kind of music video format. I'm still interested in getting my mind
around a body of work which documented the constituent parts of the human
body broken down into a list. I'd love to know if ANYONE out there knows
what I'm talking about and might give me a lead.

When I'm done with the video I'll put some stills on a web site for your

Thanks for listening to me babble on once again...


Anders Sandberg wrote:

> The last weeks this list has honestly been rather non-extropian and
> uninteresting (but loud). I think it is time for each of us to take a
> bit of responsibility and try to increase the quality level and
> relevance here.
> Here is a suggestion for something well worth discussing:
> How to integrate the various enhancement technologies that interests
> us into a working lifestyle? There are lots of useful pieces out
> there: caloric restriction, wearable computers, cognitive tools,
> nutrient supplements, external tools and useful habits. How to
> integrate them into our lives in a flexible manner (we will want to
> replace them with better versions later and add more as they appear)
> to maximize our potential in the hear-and-now? What strategies work
> best, how do we motivate ourselves to change our lives?
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