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Arjen Kamphuis (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:16:18 +0200 (CEST)

At 12:19 29-03-98 +0200 Anders Sandberg wrote:
>How to integrate the various enhancement technologies that interests
>us into a working lifestyle? There are lots of useful pieces out
>there: caloric restriction, wearable computers, cognitive tools,
>nutrient supplements, external tools and useful habits.

Just my personal 0.02 ECU ;-)

With a Laptop and a cell-phone you can save a lot of time and aquire more
freedom of movement. I do most of my E-mail processing 'on the move'
(planes, trains and automobiles). The time I save this way (+/-2h/day) can
be used for all kinds of personal and professional development, meeting
people & generally having a good time.

For many people on this list 'work' will consist of the processing/creating
of information. With mobile tools you can do this anywhere, why sit in an
office when you can be at the beach! Even typical 'office-things' like
meetings can be held outdoors if the weather is good. it takes a bit of
organizing and convincing your collegues but brainstorming seems to work
better if the brain operates on a fresh breeze ;-)

I've also found that it is possible to train your body to function on 5-6
hours of sleep instead of the full 8 most people would like to have to feel
totally rested. It can be difficult at first but after a while you
automatically wakeup on time. The fitter you are the easier this seems to
be (in my experience).

den Otter wrote:
>Also, it might be a good idea to wear miniature cameras and microphones
>on your clothing (preferably well hidden) whenever possible, and
>especially during important events like signing deals, making bets etc.
>You never know when this hard evidence might come in handy.

This 'evidence' would probably not be admissible (other listmembers van
probably give more details here - not my field).

>When in dangerous areas (like the USA), wear a kevlar vest as often as
>possible. It may not be a force field, but it can prevent some nasty

If you walk into a meeting and everybody takes of their jacket you're going
to look pretty foolish wearing a bulletproof vest, microphones and a
firearm on your body. It would make many customers itchy and might severly
hamper your job-opportunities (I make no judgement if this is justified,
but most companies have a rule that says 'No guns in the office' or

But yes, If you absolutly have to go to, say, Afghanistan or Libanon a
kevlar vest would be smart (even though they make you sweat like a pig ;-).
But then you'll also want to bring a helmet and first-aid kit (including
your own sterile equipment to prevent HIV infection and 4 liters of blood
plasma). But my #1 piece of equipment in these areas would be a
Inmarsat-phone that allows you to call for medical help from anywhere in
the world (prices have come down to about $3K - surf to

Some other behaviour for health improvement:
- Minimize the time you spend on board planes (lots of radiation at
30000ft and those aluminium hulls do little to protect you).
- Take first-aid training. This will probably not benefit you directly
but you can set an example for others to follow.
- Nicotine greatly increases the chance of vascular disease but
significantly lowers the probability of contracting braindiseases
like Alzheimer or Parkinson (take your pick).

>What strategies work
>best, how do we motivate ourselves to change our lives?

The best motivation seems to be a _fast_ positive return on your behaviour.
Once you get positive feedback on your actions it becomes a easy to keep
them up. being part of a community or group, such as this one, where people
support your ideas (like taking a Cryo-contract) also helps a lot. When you
feel you are part of something that's bigger than you it's not so hard to
strive for long-term goals because you're doing it with a bunch of great
people and they working towards a goal itself a positive experience.


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