Time for a jump in quality?

Anders Sandberg (asa@nada.kth.se)
29 Mar 1998 12:19:10 +0200

The last weeks this list has honestly been rather non-extropian and
uninteresting (but loud). I think it is time for each of us to take a
bit of responsibility and try to increase the quality level and
relevance here.

Here is a suggestion for something well worth discussing:

How to integrate the various enhancement technologies that interests
us into a working lifestyle? There are lots of useful pieces out
there: caloric restriction, wearable computers, cognitive tools,
nutrient supplements, external tools and useful habits. How to
integrate them into our lives in a flexible manner (we will want to
replace them with better versions later and add more as they appear)
to maximize our potential in the hear-and-now? What strategies work
best, how do we motivate ourselves to change our lives?

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