Re: Bill and Hillary

Pat Fallon (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 15:20:40 -0500

Mark D. Fulwiler wrote:

> Daniel Ust wrote:
> > If he and Hillary had said from the start that they have an open
> > marriage and the Bill likes to fool around, fine. But this is not
> > what he's done. In fact, this goes against his professed
> > beliefs. Thus, it does not require adherence to any
> > _antisexual_ moral code to see this as a character flaw.
> Why are Bill and/or Hillary obligated to tell us the truth about their
> private sexual lives? If they want to put on some charade for the
> public, what of it? Someone once said that hypocrisy is the tribute
> vice
> pays to virtue. My personal opinion is that the Clintons should just
> respond to any questions of a sexual nature with "That's none of your
> business."
> Mark Fulwiler

I'm sorry, but I have to laugh when I hear the "none of your business"
or "wait until he is proven guilty of a crime" stuff trotted out to
defend Clinton.

Maybe if he and his wife (and all the other politicians) left me alone,
I'd reciprocate. But here's a guy who thinks nothing of backing drug
forfeiture laws which seize an individual's property without even
charging the person with a crime!

Who has his drug czar threaten doctors who might prescribe marijuanna to
their patients, even after the general public agrees in vote that they
want more health freedom.

I'd love for Bill and Hillary to get to say "None of your business" when
it comes to their personal life, but dang it they keep bringing 'round a
village to run my life...from raising my kids to nationalizing my health

Here's a pair who've proposed to punish us if we attempt to get better
or even different medical care than our neighbors, (e.g., by spending
your own money for a covered operation), both you and your doctor will
be committing a federal crime.

Who favor Federal health-care police authorized to enter your home
without search warrants for "indoor air-quality inspections" and "well
baby" visits. If they decide you have an "unhealthy" home
environment, existing child-abuse laws authorize them to immediately
take away your children.

Their "Comprehensive School Health Education" initiatives authorize the
government to shape
your children's behavior involving "Tobacco use; alcohol and other drug
abuse; sexual behaviors ... ;
behaviors resulting in intentional and unintentional injuries; dietary
patterns resulting in disease; and
sedentary life styles . . ." [HSA, pp. 607-608]

Under Clinton's plan, your doctor would be forced to turn over all of
your medical information to a
federal computer center. Your children would be registered with the
state from birth. If your doctor
withholds any information, he can be fined $10,000 per violation,
without trial. [HSA, p. 871]

And Bill want us all to carry to carry a government-issued Health
Security Card which could hold up to 1,600 pages of information about

Your mandatory ID card and government health files will make nearly
every detail of your life an
open book to millions of bureaucrats, IRS agents, and police officers.
Once they run your card
through a scanner, they'll know everything you've ever written on a
medical form or told your doctor:
your address, phone number, employer, drug history, every physical and
mental disorder,
pregnancies and abortions -- and even you doctor's personal notes.

Clinton's plan creates 105 new government agencies, and greatly expands
the power of 42 others. Hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats will
monitor you and your doctor, reeducate your children, and enter your
office and home at will.

Yeah, poor Bill Clinton, let's stay out of his private life.