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Mon, 16 Feb 1998 23:49:32 +0100

Peter James <> wrote:
>My novel HOST for which I had much deeply appreciated help from several
>people and organisations involved in the fields of cryonics and life
>extension, has been made into a 3-hour television movie, premiering on ABC
>network across the USA on Thursday, February 26th, under the title of

Great, I'm enormously interested! And so are many other Europeans.
Especially because this is a good way for the ordinary public to
get aquainted with some concepts underlying transhumanism. :->

But do you have any idea when it will be broadcast on European television
channels (like the BBC or Dutch television) ?

If I would like to order your book, can this be done at ?

>it has been stunningly made and is deeply faithful to the theme I wanted to
>address in the novel, that living forever is going to become a reality.

Regrettably the most common view, also depicted in many movies and
television series (including for example in "Raiders of the lost Ark"
and many Star Trek episodes :-< ), is that wishing to extend your
life span is unethical and immoral.

It puzzles me, that the term "obsession" is used in the title of
the movie. I hope this is not related to the wish for immortality,
implying that such a wish is psychologically unhealthy ?

I recently wrote to a Dutch newspaper where an article quoted a
theology professor (member of an European ethical commission! :-< )
claiming that a wish for immortality is not acceptable.

I stated that it is wrong to decide what is ethically acceptable
based on a belief. A belief is just a faith, it has not been proven
and can therefore be wrong. Furthermore there are many different
believes. "When the church is going to decide what is ethically
acceptable, we will have returned to the middle ages."

Another professor (in philosophy) suggested that immortality will
result in eternal boredom. He supported this with examples
from Greek gods, who according to stories did suffer from
boredom and envied human mortality.

Yeah, real hard evidence :->
I could just as well claim that goblins exist...

Besides that, he missed the point, it is always better
to have a choice than no choice at all. I want to decide
for myself when I'm bored and want to end my life, and
not let nature decide this for me.

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