Bill and Hillary

Mark D. Fulwiler (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 16:30:13 -0700

Daniel Ust wrote:

> If he and Hillary had said from the start that they have an open
> marriage and the Bill likes to fool around, fine. But this is not
> what he's done. In fact, this goes against his professed
> beliefs. Thus, it does not require adherence to any
> _antisexual_ moral code to see this as a character flaw.

Why are Bill and/or Hillary obligated to tell us the truth about their
private sexual lives? If they want to put on some charade for the
public, what of it? Someone once said that hypocrisy is the tribute vice
pays to virtue. My personal opinion is that the Clintons should just
respond to any questions of a sexual nature with "That's none of your

Mark Fulwiler