Re: Bill and Hillary
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:44:29 EST

Daniel Ust was heard to say:

> If he and Hillary had said from the start that they have an open
> marriage and the Bill likes to fool around, fine. But this is not
> what he's done. In fact, this goes against his professed
> beliefs. Thus, it does not require adherence to any
> _antisexual_ moral code to see this as a character flaw.

To which Mark Fulwiler replied:

> Why are Bill and/or Hillary obligated to tell us the truth about their
>private sexual lives? If they want to put on some charade for the
> public, what of it? Someone once said that hypocrisy is the tribute vice
> pays to virtue. My personal opinion is that the Clintons should just
> respond to any questions of a sexual nature with "That's none of your
> business."

Hmmmmm. That tells me something about your attitude toward a free market
economic system.

Bill and Hillary were selling a product. Themselves. They laid out a set of
specifications during the campaign. They attested that it was true. They DID
NOT says..."That's none of your business"....

Now suppose you decide to buy something trivial...say a pizza.

The meat looks a little funny....and you ask about it...and are told "That's
none of your business"....are you going to buy the pizza?

Is the presidency more trivial than a pizza?

I just happen to have a case or two of meat I picked up off this bull hauler
friend of mine a few months ago. Since it's "none of your business" what
condition it is in I'm sure you'd just love to take it off my hands

Or...if youre a vegitarian...that's ok...I was really lying about it being
meat. It's really soyburgers....


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