Re: A.C. Clarke
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:35:37 -0500

Clarke lives with a lifelong friend of his and that friend's family in Sri
Lanka. The family benefits Clarke because he has a family-atmosphere (Clarke
is divorced and has no children) and they provide assistance to him since his
health is somewhat frail. Clarke also operates a business (scuba diving I
believe) in the region where he lives. Clarke stated in a special on the
Sci-Fi Channel a few weeks ago that he likes the weather and the people of Sri
Lanka and that is why he lives there.

As for reports about Clarke's sexual life, I think the only thing worse than
speculative tabloid-like reports is the proliferation of such reports by
others. I think, given the current political witch-hunts masquerading as
pursuits of justice and the tabloid atmosphere we have in America at the
moment, I have had my fill this year of speculative rumors.

Doug Bailey