Re: A.C. Clarke

E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:19:47 -0800

Charlie Stross wrote:

>It is worth noting that one of the events of Prince Charles' current visit
>to Sri Lanka is to bestow a knighthood on Arthur C. Clarke.

...Which is doubtlessly the reason that these allegations are coming
out right now. Generally, people love scandal; headlines like: "Pedophile
Arthur C. Clarke Denied Knighthood...shocking story inside" are sure to
attract a few more people than usual to buy the newspapers and tabloids.
Isn't it sad to note that it can take decades for an author (or any public
figure) to build up lasting respect and a fan-base, yet it is ever so easy
for others to knock it down. Sadder still that his alleged sexual
orientation will likely overshadow most of his life's accomplishments and

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