Re: Re [CRYONICS][BOOK] "The First Immortal"

Hal Finney (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:21:05 -0800

BTW, James Halperin offers a reward to people who find factual errors in
TFI which he later corrects. I emailed him a couple of minor points,
and he promptly sent me an autographed copy of The Truth Machine!
This was very generous of him, and I was pleased because I'm looking
forward to reading his first novel after enjoying the second one so much.

If you're worried about ordering from Amazon, I can say that I got TFI
that way, and it arrived in just three days even though I specified
standard shipping (which I think was $4). It's an inexpensive way to
get books, and the current discount makes it a "steal".