IDEA: "Site Cloaking" Technology

Chris Hind (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 00:58:07 -0800

A few months ago, I came up with this idea for a new technique I like to
call "Site Cloaking". It's possible to create a Perl CGI script that would
grab a file or webpage from another site & display it for the user without
telling the user the original location like a proxy. This way you could put
a CGI script on your website with links to country-specific censored texts
or webpages and not tell anyone the site locations so that they can't shut
them down. A person could put up a so-called subversive webpage in that
specific country and tell this proxy the address and thus protect the site
without giving out it's real address forcing the ISPs in that country to
scan ALL WEBPAGES on their servers making the process more difficult. You
could put up any so-called subversive and censored information on your
webpage and people could access them without getting shutdown because only
the CGI script would know where the source site is and you could even
cipher the script's site list so even the owner of the proxy website can't
locate the sites. You could then have a website or even a web search tool
where you'd load all these sites into and acquire even more sites because
you'd be offering protection and the sites would stay up indefinately. If
the FEDS get pissed, simply wipe the file and the list is gone but the
sites remain.

A person I talked to over IRC claimed that a CGI Perl script such as this
isn't all that difficult to do but I myself have zero experience in
programming Perl. Perhaps someone on this list who can program in Perl can
try it?

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