Re: IDEA: "Site Cloaking" Technology

Max M (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 13:19:50 +0100

> From: Mark Grant
> Most likely you'd want the equivalent of a Web 'nymserver', such that you
> could create a URL like 'http://www.nymserver/cool-illegal-page.html' and
> the nymserver would read the full encrypted URL from a database. This
> would also allow you to mirror pages easily, and could be used as a
> justification for the site. You could sell it as a server allowing people

> to move their pages around but keep a fixed URL, and the 'remailed' URLs
> would just be a special case.

Well i have an idea on how to use this kind of technology for something
usefull and legal.

It would be perfect way to fight back on organised crime. The mob in the
US. Here in Denmark it is generally recognized that a very well known biker
gang controls the drug traffic. Currently we are in the middle of a War
between the two leading bikergangs. Being fought with submachine guns and
anti panser rocket. (Even aginst jailed members.)

Most people don't dare to wittnes against these gangs. For the same reason
i don't think anybody would be very willing to put anti-crime gang info on
their private homepages.

It could be nice to have a website perhaps with a list of all the crimes
that these gangs have committed, just to remind us. Also other kind of
information like reports on people they have hurt, but who hasn't dared to
report the incidents, could be on the server.

I'm pretty shure theres a lot of information that can be put on the web to
inform against organised crime, and expose these people.

MAX M Rasmussen
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