Re: 60 Minutes Smear Job

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 15:32:05 -0500

Dan Hook ( wrote:

> It is really too bad that it would be absolutely impossible for
> you to sue them (and win). I wonder if an attempt would generate
> significant media coverage.

IAN: My first inclination was possible legal action. But by libertarian
lines of argumentation, such is not necessarily an ethical course. They
have a big megaphone, I have a smaller megaphone. I slam those subsets
of society I disagree with, they slam those subsets, like me, that they
disagree with. I slam with facts and logical analysis, they slam with
innuendo and suppression of truth, such as the truth that my claims
were not false but based upon verifiable witness accounts from the
major media itself. I now have a copy of the 60 Minutes smear job.

With the article I've co-authored with reporters Pierre Salinger and Mike
Sommer to be published in a major European magazine next week, I suspect
I've only seen the beginning. I suspect 60 Minutes was just a shot
across the bow. I'm ready for battle. The FBI has been harassing and
threatening several of my research associates, but we're standing strong.

Of the three research associates I cited as on my crash-analysis report,
two have been hit on by the FBI. The FBI is threatening one, Marshall
Houston, with search warrants. They seem to think he has too much
evidence, he does not. They fear he has the satellite data or a video
of the missile hit, but he does not. Richard Russell, the former crash
investigator and American Airlines pilot who wrote the "anonymous
internet document" now has the radar tape, and the major medias
have seen it and willfully ignore it, except in Europe.

Knowing the full story, anyone can see this is a massive cover-up and
the small-time investigators are getting stepped on because we are on
the right track. The long short, is that the Military Industrial Complex
(MIC), clearly implicated in the TWA 800 disaster, owns so much, is tied
in with so much, that they have far more power to control the social flow
of information than the majority of people realize. The FAA, Boeing, CBS,
other media,... almost everyone in the deal is in bed with the MIC.

Even if by law I could sue them, from a libertarian line of ethics,
I cannot sue them for having a bigger megaphone, that's my tough luck.
If I don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen. But in fact, the more
muck they throw at me, the more fuel they put in my engines. What 60
Minutes said about my work only tells me I'm kicking their ass, and
they know it. I'll soon cite it in whole, but in sum this is what
Lesley Stahl said as she pointed to my TWA 800 graphic:

"Shouldn't this be expunged? ...[because] it is
spreading fear and suspicion of the government..."

Having that said against one is the dream of all freedom writers.
We should fear the government, and most particularly IF we can
make a honest and logical case for such fear, which is what I've
done and what I seek to do, and always based on reason and honesty.

If you want to slam "the establishment" you have to take the slams
youself, 60 Minutes was one of them. The difference is that they will
do it with innuendo, by false and misleading misrepresentation of facts
in forums that negate retort with claims that no one can verify for
themselves, while I'll do it with logic, facts and claims that people
can verify. I try to avoid making claims that rest on my shoulders.

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