60 Minutes Smear Job

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 14:52:40 -0500

I got a message from an EXI list member who saw 60 Minutes smear
my TWA 800 web page: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/twa-fact.htm
so I thought I should post this to the list. 60 Minutes focused
largely on a popular conspiracy writer on a segment on Internet
conspiracy theory, but they briefly showed and trashed my page.

While I've yet to see it, I've had multiple detailed accounts.
Lesley Stahl held up my TWA 800 web page, careful to display my
name prominently, as an example of why the Internet needs policing.
She implied without any reference to fact that my page was an example
of claims made on the internet that are "poorly researched,"
"unverifialbe," and "disinformation."

This is an absolute lie. Virtually every claim I make is based
on a verifiable media reference cited with the claim. In fact, the
"claims" ARE the media references. The page is PURE research, where
"research" is defined as exhaustive reading and referenced compilation
of the available literature on a given subject to establish a cohesive
picture of what the truth most likely is. Of all the conspiracy oriented
pages that could rightfully be said to make claims that are not verified,
my page is most verifiably NOT a member of that set. Anyone can verify
every citation/claim I present, which is why I give such references.

It is outrageous that 60 Minutes would label citations from the
major media as "disinformation" only when through them a picture
that 60 Minutes has repeatedly trashed comes through. Clearly, the
60 Minutes coverage of my page was false, misleading, and libelous.
But most outrageous, by not citing the web URL so that people could
verify Ms. Stahl's claims, 60 Minutes made defamatory claims about
my work that are proven by fact to be unverifiable, poorly researched,
and that therefore constitute pure disinformation -- all the features
they sought to dump on me.

Considering that I'm pointing a finger at the military and that
CBS is owned by a major military contractor... ahem. Also, it's
all too clear to all who have seen the segment that 60 Minutes
is terrified of the competition that the Internet represents,
and that I was targeted with malice of intent.

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