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<< HIV, the virus the government says
causes AIDS. >>

This is not a case of government vs. science.

Scientists in two different countries (France and the United States), first
said HIV causes AIDS, not "governments." Governments are mindless idiots.
The governments only adopted what the scientists proved via the peer review

Scientists developed the current screening tests showing the HIV viral
antibodies in AIDS infected fluids. Using Koch's postulates HIV was shown to
cause AIDS. The "dissidents" have not shown the contrary. The dissidents
have been rejected via peer review. HIV = AIDS could be completely wrong but
the dissidents have no acceptable evidence.

Governments are politically correct to suit themselves. It is true they
don't care for science unless it is politically correct. HIV causes AIDS is
currently both scientifically supportable and politically correct. Otherwise
governments would say anything off -the-wall, such as AIDS is the wrath of
God. Just as off-the-wall as what the dissidents are currently saying.


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February 26, 1997
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