Re: >H MEDIA: Suggestions for Canadian TV: extropians & cloning

Pat Powers (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 21:38:35 -0500 (EST)

In order to make your point forcefully you could put it in a personal form.
I told a friend at work that I was really looking forward to being cloned,
so I could have the clone force-grown to the age of 20 or so and have my
brain plugged in once medical tech gets better. Then I can relive my life
from that age and make all the mistakes I made them ... but I'll make more
of them, and enjoy them more. ;>

At 10:13 AM 2/26/97, Max More wrote:
>Transhuman Mailing List
>Tomorrow morning I'll be interviewed by Canadian TV on extropian views on
>the cloning breakthrough. The show is Big Life on CBC and will be shown in
>Canada on Friday. (Feedback from Canada-based extropians very welcome.)
>I want to make a number of points, placing the cloning breakthrough in a
>broader context. In case I'm missing anything important that should be
>squeezed into my air time, I'm soliciting suggestions here. I intend to put
>cloning in the context of a broader growth of our ability to modify our own
>biology, and to make the political point that choices about cloning should
>be an individual matter, not a governmental policy. I will also suggest
>that the implications of cloning (even humans) is not particularly dramatic
>(though it is a sign of accelerated progress) since genetic engineering and
>other bio-modifications will be more radical.
>I also gave Wired News a quote and may do a longer story with them, so I
>can make good use of any clever suggestions that might help spread our ways
>of thinking to the public.
>(I should note that CBC is specifically interested in the extropian context
>and not simply narrow comment on the cloning thing itself. It seems that
>Extropian thinking is becoming recognized and that media people are
>beginning to solicit our views as a recognized group or school of thought.
>This is progress!)
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