Re: MEDIA: Suggestions for Canadian TV: extropians & cloning

Kathryn Aegis (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:09:26 +0000

Max More:
>I will also suggest that the implications of cloning (even humans) is
>not particularly dramatic (though it is a sign of accelerated progress)
>since genetic engineering and other bio-modifications will be more radical.

And yet your basic person out there will be quite threatened by the
potential of altering that which s/he has always been taught not to
alter, either for religious or cultural reasons. Not to mention
resentful of the added personal responsibility. Body-mod will seem very
extremely radical to them.

I was out by the White House the other afternoon, saw a
large group of religious fundies protesting, and they were
chanting something about 'no more cyborgs'. I wanted to ask them
what they were talking about (pacemakers?) but the Secret Service guy
begged me not to start anything, so I didn't. I wonder if religious
leaders are taking steps to cast body modification into a satanic
mold. Has anyone heard more on this?


Kathryn Aegis