RELIGION: The meaning of Life

Guru George (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 08:38:01 GMT


Whew! That was a big 'un. I won't go through your arguments, some of
which make valid points, some of which are beside the point,as far as I
am concerned. It still seems to me that your concept of functionality
is parasitic on the concept of truth.

In general, as I have said, I agree with pretty much everything you say
about emotional intelligence, but I think you are way off the mark in
thinking that a focus on truth hinders emotional intelligence: if you
want to 'delve into your subconscious', that *is* a focus on truth.

The units of measurement may be arbitrary, but the measurements
that we are interested in are not, and that is the whole point. (However,
the division of the body into organs is *not* arbitrary: what is
arbitrary in that case is our interest in homeostasis,etc., but once our
interest is in place, the organs fall into perspective as objective

I don't think it would be very useful to carry on much beyond this point,
as we just seem to be repeating ourselves!

Guru George