Re: RELIGION: The meaning of Life

Eric Watt Forste (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 15:34:15 -0800

Reilly Jones writes:
>I think you mean that a hundred years ago people said "God is dead."
>Then came the filthy French compost-modernists who pretended that
>truth died with him. Then came the inability for my children to
>go out in my neighborhood without constant adult supervision for
>fear of the barbaric perverts who grew up inculcated with your
>religious beliefs.

Reilly, please, let's have blame where blame is due. I hardly think
it is productive to blame this bad business on a bunch of French
literary critics, when the blame should actually be laid at the
feet of a political system that is busying itself jailing potheads,
mandating paperwork, collecting and spending huge amounts of taxes,
trying to prevent people from buying guns by mail order, having
military adventures in Bosnia, and nearly everything else under
the Sun *except* catching and convicting rapists and child molesters.

You must be a transcended superintelligence if your ability to
trace cultural causation is so overdeveloped that you *know* that
it's these particular French book-mongerers who are responsible
for the bad conditions in your neighborhood of North America, and
not someone nearer and more recent. I mean, seriously, isn't it
possible that Bill Clinton or the legislators of your state bear
a *tiny* bit more responsiblity for this state of affairs than
Gilles Deleuze or whichever French academic has upset you this

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