RE: Finnancial Planning

Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 13:58:03 MST

Robert Coyote writes:
> Ok so what does a guy like me do, that has been on unemployment and
> looking for werk in I.T. since march 2001, with only 4 interviews in all
> that time after hundreds of contacts made, and is now working for $9.00
> when I was pulling in $55k in Y2000?

Obviously your first priority will not be in saving for the future.
Someone in your situation will make looking for a good job be his highest
priority, as you are no doubt doing.

All I can suggest is that if your current strategy is not working, then
you should try something else. Maybe you could take a class to expand
your skill set, or even consider moving to another location where jobs
might be easier to find.

> Is I.T. EVER going to come back?
> (yes this is a serious question)

I think I.T. is a fairly broad field with a number of sub-specialties.
You might do some research and try to identify areas within I.T. where
employment prospects are stronger.


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