Re: Finnancial Planning

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 00:21:57 MST wrote:

> Robert Coyote writes:
>>Ok so what does a guy like me do, that has been on unemployment and
>>looking for werk in I.T. since march 2001, with only 4 interviews in all
>>that time after hundreds of contacts made, and is now working for $9.00
>>when I was pulling in $55k in Y2000?
> Obviously your first priority will not be in saving for the future.
> Someone in your situation will make looking for a good job be his highest
> priority, as you are no doubt doing.
> All I can suggest is that if your current strategy is not working, then
> you should try something else. Maybe you could take a class to expand
> your skill set, or even consider moving to another location where jobs
> might be easier to find.

Or, if you have a bend in that direction, think up your own idea
for a business and look for funding, first clients. Sometimes
looking for a regular job or even a regular contracting job is
simply the wrong thing for you or for the time and place. I
know it sounds crazy.

>>Is I.T. EVER going to come back?
>>(yes this is a serious question)
> I think I.T. is a fairly broad field with a number of sub-specialties.
> You might do some research and try to identify areas within I.T. where
> employment prospects are stronger.

The one thing you have right now is time. And obviously you
have some computer/net resources. So there is room to work on
things that are strongly meaningful to you. Those could well be
used to increase reputation and presence and perhaps to find an
idea or two that could receive financing and serve as a seed of
your future. As long as you aren't starving or about to be
homeless you may as well take advantage of the situation where
you can.

- samantha

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