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> Jacques Du Pasquier:
> > That's how teaching now "works" : you test children again and again,
> > until they figure out a way to pass the test ; you actually never
> > teach them THAT, and some never learn. The only thing that should be
> > taught is left to complete improvisation, and that accounts for huge
> > differences between individuals, because some find great tricks and
> > meta-tricks with which the readily build feats of cognition, and some
> > are stuck with unefficient tricks.
> >
> > A teacher should model his pupil's mind and actually help it to build
> > itself further. He should suggest useful tricks for the pupil to try,
> > adopt and combine.
> >
> Why does this remind me of extreme programming?

(I don't know if you are being funny or not even though I'm a fellow Aussie,
but I'll reply seriously anyway.)

Because they are both methodologies of software development. But in XP,
you're really supposed to implement all of the tenets, not just parts that
sound good. In contrast with current teaching methods, I would consider it
an incomplete form of XP.


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