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From: "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" to prepare for the alternatives.
> What this model completely fails to address is that our current actions
> affect the fluffy bunny ETA. We are not limited to waiting around
> for the fluffy bunnies to arrive.

Very good point. Possible actions one could take would include investing in
business corporations engaged in research; supporting authors whose work is
educational and persuasive, by purchasing and recommending their books;
donating to not-for-profit organizations engaged in research; and
contributing to educational and networking organizations such as Extropy

One of the books Max recommended, *The Richest Man in Babylon* by George S.
Clason, advises saving 10% of your income, giving 10% away, using 10% to
reduce your debt and spending the rest. This book was written at a time when
there was no social security tax and the income tax applied to only 5% of
the population. Still, the general ideas are sound. Something interesting
I've noticed in helping clients manage cash flow (as well as managing my
own) is that writing down a budget and reviewing it often, preferably daily,
can have dramatically good effects on a person's life. I strongly recommend
doing a budget for time as well as for money. Far from being an irritating
constraint, a budget used in this way is an extremely useful tool for
acheiving one's goals.

A good time management book is *How to Get Control of Your Time and Your
Life* by Alan Lakein.


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