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From: Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 12:45:15 MST

Creative Thinkers,

Please send me your logos and URLs for the Transhumanist Arts Web site
which page is being redesigned.

UPdate: Transhumanists Arts Center has been redesigned.
(http://www.extropic-art.com). We are still waiting for the "arts" domain
to be released so we can secure "Transhumanist.arts.

UPdate: We have been approached by a Los Angeles based curator to consider
producing an exhibition in 2003 reflecting the Transhumanist Arts and
Extropic Art Movement.

UPdate: To date, approximately 500 artists and other creative innovators
have signed the Manifesto which is currently on board the Cassini Huygens
spacecraft on its way to Saturn.

UPdate: Each month another magazine, newspaper and/or film crew is writing
about and documenting our every growing movement.

UPdate: "Primo 3M+" is taken a GIANT step outside my digital studio and is
moving ahead at its own pace as it is being featured on numerous major
newspapers as the front page image.

UPdate: Musicians, filmmakers, videographers, science fiction writers,
essayists, poets, performers, visual artists, architects, dancers and
sculptors are contacting the Transhumanist Arts Center to collaborate
and/or let us know about their current works.

UPdate: In light of the mounting worldwide angst about stem cell use,
therapeutic cloning and other biotechnological advances, please work with
us be a part of our movement. Let us hear from you!

The best defense is an aesthetic offense.


Natasha Vita-More

Founder, Transhumanist Arts
Art Director, Digital Design

http://www.natasha.cc http://www.extropic-art.com http://www.transhuman.org

"I'd rather be inebriated on a classic life than a 1996 classic Merlot."

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