Re: FWD: Texas A&M clones first cat

From: jeff davis (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 01:19:20 MST

--- Max More <> wrote:
> At 02:12 PM 2/14/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >Texas A&M clones first cat
> >
> >
> >At the end we find
> >
> >"...funded by Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc." ...
> Ah ha! I suspected they were behind this. Everyone
> knows who's behind GS&C,
> right?
Uh,... no, not really. I googled and came up with
these folks:

Though from the photo(s) I don't see anything that
warrants an "Ah ha!"

Can't be the transrodents,...they're not likely to
encourage the cloning of cats (though they could wish
to divert suspicion).

Maybe that old Texas guy who wants to beat death?
Name begins with an "h" I think.

OK, I give up. Who, worthy of an "Ah ha!", is behind
GS&C? Elvis, Howard Hughes, Lassie, the CIA?

Best, Jeff Davis

 "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                       Ray Charles

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