Emlyn's good day (was RE: Transhuman Space rpg)

From: Emlyn O'regan (oregan.emlyn@healthsolve.com.au)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 23:25:32 MST

> >Emlyn wrote:
> > >Steve Jackson is an extropian? Very, very cool.
> > >
> > >Hmm, it seems my >H programming could have begun as early
> as The Warlock of
> > >Firetop Mountain!
> >Yes, when I first learned that the Steve Jackson in the
> database was *the*
> >Steve Jackson, I was happily surprised. I quite literally
> grew up on his
> >RPG-like "choose your own adventure" books. It's interesting
> how, without
> >knowing the Steve Jackson connection, years later I became
> involved with
> >Extropy. I'm sure there are a number of stories like this out there.
> Indeed. I used to borrow these books from a local library.
> I believe
> Deathtrap Dungeon was my favourite. Now was it Emerald,
> Diamond, Sapphire
> to escape, or Diamond...
> Nice to see he's involved.
> James....

I wander past this little sci fi bookshop in town here ("Known Space"),
almost every day. Purportedly it's open wed/thu/fri/sat afternoons, but I've
never noticed it actually be open before, and I've been walking past it for
about 8 months now.

Today, it was open. I wandered in. It smells musty and, combined with the
humidity, has this sense of laguid intrigue draped around it. Stuffed with
sci-fi/fantasy/comics/etc floor to ceiling.

Anyway, what should I see but a couple of shelves packed with Fighting
Fantasy (amongst many more of the CYOA genre). Wow! I bought most of them...

The Forest of Doom, Starship Traveller, Deathtrap Dungeon, Island of the
Lizard King, Scorpion Swamp, House of Hell, and Steve Jackson's Sorcery
series KHARE - Cityport of Traps.

I'll have a look at them on the bus home today. I wonder if I'm in for a
treat, or for that same disillusionment I suffered on playing on a C64

(oh yeah, and I bought a book called "The Sea's Furthest End" by some guy.
It's not CYOA, but it could be good anyway, who knows?)

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