Re: Beingness (was: Re: Transgender marriage)

From: Technotranscendence (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 17:52:55 MST

On Saturday, January 19, 2002 1:01 AM E. Shaun Russell wrote:
>>I'm with Spike here. I mean, sure, people can be free to be nude, but
>>I'd prefer not to see most people naked. Heck, to be honest, even
>>clothed most people are still ugly.
> You really think so? I can say with full confidence that I find at
> 1/3 of all people attractive in some way physically. It's only when
> add mental beauty into the equation that that arbitrary number falls
> probably 1/100. Still, even the people who might not seem mentally
> beautiful at first can surprise you if you probe deep enough. The
same is
> true of physical beauty.
> Of course, I am a young and single man, so take that into
consideration... ;-)

I don't think that's part of it. I prefer and have always prefered
physical types that are at the "model" end of the spectrum. Ergo, I
find about 90% or more of humanity woefully deficient. (I'm not saying
I'm in that elite of good lookers. It's just my tastes.)

Happily, I needn't see most people AND most people where I lived are
clothed for most of the year -- even if they don't know how to dress.


Daniel Ust

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