Re: Embryonic Cow Cells to Create Kidney-Like Organs

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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 14:57:40 MST


What I found interesting about this achievement was
that they grew the crucial functional kidney cells on
a "scaffolding". I interpret this to mean that making
a kidney was simpler than I had supposed it would be,
in that the structural layout of the "kidney" is not
critical. This has its limitations, of course. I
doubt that the urine can be allowed to just pool in
the region where it is produced, but must be conveyed
from its point of production to the bladder. But
apparently, an artificially-created kidney can be made
along pathways other than the original natural
embryonic developmental sequence, and take an
other-than-natural structural form, and still perform
its function.

Similar results have been achieved with pancreatic
islet cells, which have been cultured, injected, and
subsequently taken up residence in non-pancreatic
areas of the (experimental animal's) body. I don't
have a link, or recall where I read this.

A similar potential would seem to suggest itself re
the liver, which is a bulk blood-chemistry maintainer,
which already possesses incredible regenerative
capabilities, and whose stem cells for tissue
replacement originate in the bone marrow.

Add to this te expeiments which have already
deonstrated successful heart and brain cell

Best, Jeff Davis

 "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                       Ray Charles

--- wrote:
> Advanced Cell Technology has done it again.
> Congratulations to Michael West, Robert Lanza and
> the team there!
> Scientists Claim an Advance in Therapeutic Cloning
> Mass. Firm Uses Embryonic Cow Cells to Create
> Kidney-Like Organs; Transplant Success Reported
> Max

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