Re: Something strange on my computer

From: Alex Ramonsky (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 14:28:01 MST

> Around October 1st, I got on the computer and was
> trying to figure out how to change the picture that
> appears on the screen when I first boot up, the one
> before the windows desktop background settles in.

You need to store your desired image as C:\logo.sys
To do this, create a standard bitmap image (.BMP extension) sized 640 x 400,
using 256 colours.
(Pallette entries 236 and upward are reserved for the animated bar at the
bottom, so don't use them unless you want an animated bar).
Then resize the picture to 320 x 400 (so that it looks squashed).
Then rename it to "logo.sys".
Then store it in the root directory of drive C:

> Under "Extensions" it says
> and under "File Types" it says
> Clearly, this could not have been on the computer when
> I got it, and must have been loaded into the computer
> sometime after Sept 11th. (The computer in question
> is utterly insecure--I have no security
> issues--protected only by Norton anti-virus.)
> I did a search in both files and text for
> but nothing shows up.

Try searching the registry using regedit
(Click on the Start button, then on run, then type "regedit" and click on
You'll probably find it somewhere under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

If you delete all registry entries containing
"1001627143ATTACKS_WORLD_TRADE_CENTER_NYR111 File" then you'll get rid of
the problem, but it might be worth checking what program is designed to run
from this extension first. I'd guess this will be under
File\shell\open\command". Then you'll have a better idea what's going on.


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