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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 13:49:37 MST

2002.01.21 9:19:35, "Alex Ramonsky" <> wrote:

i'm not going to try and reply to ever individual post, as i know that would put me over the
8 post/day limit.... but thank you all SO MUCH for your help and strength.
i *will* get through this.

>Actually I have a couple of questions about this...if someone is using a
>psychological map of reality which relies on 'ceremony' to achieve a
>particular mental state, and the resulting mental state is positive, surely
>the ceremony is worthwhile even as a placebo effect?

yes. that's exactly why i'm doing it. even though i know they're bad for me, and it would
be better to just throw them away, i will feel that i have wasted something (namely, my
friends' money, as both of those packs were presents) if i throw them away. and i would
probably be more likely to smoke again, knowing that.
(i know, i know, i can just stop smoking and never touch a cigarette again - but this will
give me a sense of completion and make it much easier to do that.)

What I am asking is: How many other people suffer from this to a lesser
>degree, and, are they the ones who have the greatest difficulty giving up

actually... i've noticed that based on times when i've been quit and when i've been
smoking regularly.... when i am not smoking, my asthma rarely bothers me, but when it
does, it's fairly severe. when i am smoking, i am often wheezy, but i almost never get the
big attacks that are really scary, just the big attacks that are rather uncomfortable and
make me sit down. i've also found that i can dance longer when i smoke.
so i'm just going to have to build my lung strength back up the hard way.

cheshire morgan. i am not alone
                        i am not afraid
                        i am not unahppy
                        these are the words i say to myself every day
                -vnv nation, fearless.

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