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> animated silicon love doll <> wrote:
> > i've been smoking off and on since i was about fifteen (four years,
> > or so). about two thirds of that time i've smoked cloves. i want,
> > and need, to quit.

 And forget the
> ceremony: that's just glorifying a very bad habit: one you want to
> forget, not make memorable.

Actually I have a couple of questions about this...if someone is using a
psychological map of reality which relies on 'ceremony' to achieve a
particular mental state, and the resulting mental state is positive, surely
the ceremony is worthwhile even as a placebo effect?

My second question: some years ago I met a young woman in research who was
bright, cheerful, fit and smoked about twenty a day. Encouraged by the
efforts of others, she decided to quit. Within two weeks she was a depressed
nervous wreck who couldn't handle socialising at all. Once bright, she now
seemed to find it difficult to think, could not concentrate, and developed
nervous habits.She remained like this, often suicidal and visiting her
doctor for medication. Then she started smoking again. The symptoms
disappeared, and she returned to her old 'normal' self. Intrigued, we asked
if she would be willing to have tests relating to this. It turned out she
was permanently deficient in acetylcholine and various other
neurotransmitters unless she smoked.
What I am asking is: How many other people suffer from this to a lesser
degree, and, are they the ones who have the greatest difficulty giving up

Having said all this, I do think the method outlined below is probably the
best one.

> How to Quit Smoking:
> 1) Don't smoke another cigarette, ever.
> It's that simple. No, it's not easy, but it's not that hard either.
> The first day will be the hardest, but each day it gets easier. Try
> not to substitute eating or drinking for smoking: as always, you
> should eat right, exercise, and drink in moderation. Reward yourself
> by buying a book, going to a movie, or spending your savings on your
> favorite hobby or a membership at a fitness club.
> Be strong.
> -Dave

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