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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 03:08:47 MST

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> 2002.01.21 9:19:35, "Alex Ramonsky" <> wrote:
> i'm not going to try and reply to ever individual post, as i know that
would put me over the
> 8 post/day limit.... but thank you all SO MUCH for your help and strength.
> i *will* get through this.
> >Actually I have a couple of questions about this...if someone is using a
> >psychological map of reality which relies on 'ceremony' to achieve a
> >particular mental state, and the resulting mental state is positive,
> >the ceremony is worthwhile even as a placebo effect?
> yes. that's exactly why i'm doing it. even though i know they're bad for
me, and it would
> be better to just throw them away, i will feel that i have wasted
something (namely, my
> friends' money, as both of those packs were presents) if i throw them
away. and i would
> probably be more likely to smoke again, knowing that.
> (i know, i know, i can just stop smoking and never touch a cigarette
again - but this will
> give me a sense of completion and make it much easier to do that.)
> What I am asking is: How many other people suffer from this to a lesser
> >degree, and, are they the ones who have the greatest difficulty giving up
> >smoking?
> actually... i've noticed that based on times when i've been quit and when
i've been
> smoking regularly.... when i am not smoking, my asthma rarely bothers me,
but when it
> does, it's fairly severe. when i am smoking, i am often wheezy, but i
almost never get the
> big attacks that are really scary, just the big attacks that are rather
uncomfortable and
> make me sit down. i've also found that i can dance longer when i smoke.
> so i'm just going to have to build my lung strength back up the hard way.

That may have something to do with the way tobacco (and other substances)
interact with any inhaler you are using -particularly beclamethasone, or
however you spell it, or ventolin, and any asthma medications you are using,
such as Amoxil. Some of these combinations can bugger your lungs up a lot
faster than just smoking.

> cheshire morgan. i am not alone
> i am not afraid
> i am not unahppy
> these are the words i say to myself every day
> -vnv nation, fearless.

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